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Sean Huffman

Sean Huffman brings over 15 years of extensive experience in the trailer industry, having entered the field in 2008.  His journey began on the manufacturing side, where he excelled as a national sales manager and later transitioned seamlessly into the role of a general manager overseeing retail stores.  Prior to his tenure in the trailer industry, Sean dedicated over two decades to the automotive sector, where he honed his skills in various capacities such as salesperson, general sales manager and general manager.  In addition to his impressive industry background, Sean also boasts a wealth of experience in advertising and marketing, further enriching his professional repertoire.  Throughout his career, Sean has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for driving business success.Beyond his professional endeavors, Sean treasures his role as a devoted husband to Wyndy sinde 1998 and as a father to two adult boys.  Family holds a special place in Sean's heart, and he considers himself blessed to have found his soulmate and to be dedicated to his family's well-being.Sean's holistic approach to life is evident in his diverse range of interests and accomplishments.  His past as a successful college debater has instilled in him the value of effective communication and critical thinking, which he has passed on through the rewarding experience of coaching both his boys in sports and debate.  Despite his wealth of knowledge and experience, Sean remains committed to continuous growth, regularly seeking to expand his expertise in sales and marketing.With a rich tapestry of experiences and a deep-rooted passion for personal and professional development, Sean Huffman continues to make meaningful contributions in the trailer industry while cherishing the important moments in life.

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